Training the Next Generation of Women Leaders

This 10 month course in leadership and facilitation skills designed for women begins with a 2 day immersion Master Class Thursday & Friday from 9 - 5.  The group then meets monthly on the last Thursday of the month from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.. Each participant also will schedule a 1:1 one-hour leadership coaching session each month with Michelle Saul.

Each month will be defined by a theme such as: 

  • Communication Skills
  • Facilitation Skills (guiding effective meetings)
  • Exercise power and influence without sacrificing your female perspective
  • Managing Conflict
  • Coaching skills and talent development
  • State of Being- Presentations
  • Women in Leadership – leadership qualities
    • Leading with heart without losing “yourself”
    • Servant leadership
  • Personal Mastery
    • Knowing yourself
  • How to Think like a CEO –
  • Vision and Innovation
  • Managing Change

Facilitated by Michelle Saul: 

Over the last 25 years Michelle has built an excellent reputation as a versatile consultant, trainer, executive coach and keynote speaker. 

Michelle excels at guiding leaders through change by facilitating vision clarification, transition management, leadership development and team development.  

Her clients range from small businesses to large corporations, with an affinity for family businesses and their special succession planning needs.

She is committed to sharing her passion for assisting leaders to achieve deep, meaningful and transformative change.

Michelle earned her degree in dance/movement therapy from UCLA, is a graduate of the Hakomi Institute of Body-Centered Psychotherapy and is certified in personality profiling through PREP Profile Systems, the leaders in advanced behavioral style insight.

She is currently an executive coach to several Fortune 500 CEOs and key leaders across several prominent industries. 

Workshop Components

  • Cultivating Mindfulness, to gain clarity and understanding of our core beliefs about our body image
  • Movement - stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Sharing – creating a safe place to tell our stories
  • Visualization - guided imagery to support fresh perspective
  • Exploring the value of rituals to nurture the spirit

Principle Purposes of the Facilitative Leadership Master Class are to support you in:

  • Learning to make conscious connections between people and issues, drawing meaningful lessons from the past and connecting to future potential
  • Providing direction and guidance: Knowing how and when to lead from the front, when to drop along side, and when to support from behind.
  • Managing content and process: Understanding the importance and difference between what you want to accomplish and how you motivate others to action
  • Create a safe environment that invites disclosure that allows previously unacknowledged (limiting) beliefs, thoughts and patterns to come to the surface
  • Developing and building up individuals and groups to achieve more; now and out into the future
  • Comprehending the difference and knowing when to use gentle, persuasive interventions or more directive interventions, and always coming from a place of heart and authenticity