“Your past is not your potential.
In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.”
— Marilyn Ferguson

The Opening the Door Seminar is a 3-day experience focused on your personal development and emotional intelligence.  

The core of our curriculum is centered on increasing conscious awareness and the understanding of the power of choice. You will learn to become an observer of your own process, allowing you to see new opportunities for effective action every day.

Together we will uncover the beliefs that hold you back and assist you in developing new skills and perspectives for living a more centered, accountable, fulfilling life. 

How it works:

Tuition is $695 (scholarships available 2 per seminar)

Seminar hours*

  • Friday 8:45AM Registration

  • Friday & Saturday 9AM - 9PM

  • Sunday 9AM - 5PM

*Start times are precise, end times are approximate.

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2019 Seminars

2020 Seminars

Seminars are hosted at Corporate Alliance:

9540 Towne Centre Dr suite 150, San Diego, CA 92121