Life's big questions (and some of the smaller ones)

How do I stop making the same mistakes over and over? To stop making the same mistakes you have to recognize your negative patterns (and what rewards you may be getting). Facilitate new behaviors to replace the old patterns and gather behavioral tools to keep you on course for lasting change.

What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions. EQ is broken up into 4 quadrants: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Management. Much of current executive leadership training centers on increasing EQ.

My boss keeps yelling at me, what do I do? A boss who yells has either found that that tactic works or is emotionally out of control.  Yelling back, crying or running away are ineffective strategies. Try waiting in silence until they're all yelled out.  Calmly state that you can't offer a productive solution while being yelled at. Talk to your HR department, a hostile work environment is bad for everyone.

Nobody takes me seriously, how do I turn that around? To be taken more seriously you don't have to stop being fun or happy.  Try these fail-proof tips: Set some boundaries (no gossiping). Don't overpromise (learn to say no but what I CAN do is...) Share something you are passionate about (philanthropic ). Integrity is everything and happiness and integrity are best friends. 

I get so nervous in business settings, how do I increase my confidence? Here are 3 strategies to increase your confidence: Power Pose: Your brain doesn't know the difference between you winning and you raising your arms over your head. Talk to yourself as your BFF would: "You are going to be great!". Admit you're nervous and muscle through: Take your time, breathe deep and do what must be done, you're not the only one who gets nervous. 

I've take 8 years out of the workforce and now I'm ready to go back... but how? Getting back in the workforce takes confidence. Take these steps: Clarify your goals. Join professional development groups. Go to networking gatherings. Your break will come from someone you know not a random resume sent out online.