“The basic principle of spiritual life is that our problems become the very place to discover wisdom and love.”
— Jack Kornfield

The 2018 Level 3 Discovering it's All True Seminar has been cancelled. 

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Join us on this 4 day immersion in Sedona, Arizona.  September 2019.

In Opening the Door (Level 1) you learned to take ownership of your life and your choices. In Reclaiming Authenticity (Level 2) you created an inspiring definition of yourself, and learned to reconnect with your authentic self.

In Discovering It's All True (Level 3) you will spend 4 days of profound experience and exploration of mind, body and spirit.

Discovering It's All True embraces myth and metaphor, faith and hope in a non-religious journey into the essence of being. Learn to truly accept yourself and honor and respect the beliefs and traditions of others.

Discovering It's All True reminds you to slow down, get quiet, listen within and know that simply “being” is the greatest gift of all. Join us for this sweet playful adventure! 

Let the universe... and all its forces... be with you.


The 2018 Discovering It's All True seminar will be hosted at the Sedona Rouge in Sedona, AZ.  

  • The first day will begin at 6:00PM on Thursday  
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday breakfast will be served buffet-style in the Andalusia Room (where the seminar will often take place).  
  • Each day (except Thursday) we will hike (gently) into the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona.  
  • The seminar ends at 5:00PM Sunday.  We advise you, if at all possible, to stay over Sunday night.  The last flight from Phoenix to San Diego (for example) is at 8:40PM and it is challenging to make the timing work.  

The tuition is $795.  There are no promotional codes or discounts for the Discovering It's All True Level 3 seminar. 


Airbnb is one option to find a room, a house to share (or one all to yourself)

The Sedona Rouge has beautiful rooms, they are convenient and if money isn't a big concern they make breaks during the seminar easy and convenient. 

Sedona has lots of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.