How to survive (energy) Vampires

What do you do when you find yourself cornered by an energy Vampire? Garlic repels everyone, even the people you like and to be frank, who wouldn’t a stake through the heart kill… That solution is inadvisable at best. Being subjected to the routine energy sucking behavior of an energy vampire is, well, draining! 

Step one:  Identify what makes a person and energy vampire. 

1. The need to talk to you (again) about their problems.  Yes, they know it’s Saturday and you’re with friends but they really NEEEEED to talk to you. 

2. Their conversations revolve around how they have been wronged, slighted, ostracized or neglected by people. And they infer that if you don’t give them the attention they want, you too will wrong them, “like all the others”

3. They’re negative.  “I do so much but people just don’t give me what I want.  I try so hard, why am I not successful, popular, happy, fulfilled?”

4.They are always searching for someone else to fix them. Energy vampires can suck the energy out of group settings as effectively as they siphon the energy out of your space. 

5. Other people have noticed too!  You mention their name and eyes roll.  People groan and walk away. 

So now you know WHO the energy Vampire is.  What do you DO about it?

1. Set boundaries:  “I can’t talk to you about this right now, John, why don’t you send me an email later today about what’s going on. 

2. Focus on solutions:  Sometimes you HAVE to talk to these people.  Focus on solutions and positivity.  Don’t get sucked into the pity party. When they say they’ve tried that.  Suggest that they try again.  Keep some quotes handy: 

Move Forward

3. Use your support system.  Ask your coach for advice on how to redirect the energy-hoover.  Talk to co-workers in the office and develop a strategy you’ll all follow to deal with the negativity.  If everyone has the same response, maybe it will all sink in. 

4. Get some rest.  No joke.  Getting sleep helps us handle our emotions more effectively.  Being tired causes us to overreact, be more emotional and less able to stay calm in the face of someone else’s emotional storm. 

Most importantly, Take care of yourself.  You’re not here to serve at the whim of a perpetual energy vacuum.  Smile and move swiftly forward!