Reclaiming Balance

Why does it feel like our lives are becoming busier? We’re managing issues and maintaining relationships at work. We’re solving problems and nurturing our personal relationships at home. We try to be supportive, and at times we want to exceed the expectations of those we love.

We can have long stretches where we’re functioning at a high level and managing the demands of life in general. But our effectiveness of maintaining this level of activity can slowly break down even with the most energetic and resilient people. So how do we know when we start to slip out of balance and what can we do to help restore our perspective?

Here are three warning signs that we’re beginning to slide out of balance and some positive steps to recreate balance.

Losing Sleep: This is one of the first indicators that your life might be out of balance. You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all the pending projects at work, or your worried about a particular relationship.

Positive Steps: 

  • Write down what you want to accomplish within the next 24 hours, make a plan, then let it go for the rest of the evening.

  • Read a book that transports you to another emotional realm. Being a mental traveler is a good rebalancing mechanism.

Things are slipping through the Cracks: Another key indicator that you’re sliding out of balance. Perhaps you’ve missed an appointment at work or forgotten a loved one’s birthday.

Positive Steps:

  •  It’s OK to revisit your calendar and reprioritize what’s most important to you, both professionally and personally. 

  • Cut out some time for just you. If we don’t nurture ourselves, we can’t nurture others.

You notice more volatility: This can get away from us in a hurry. We might not recognize our own reactions after we’ve responded in a way that was unnecessarily impatient or harsh considering the circumstances.

Positive Steps:

  • Make some time to meditate and tune into your true character. 

  • Be reflective and ask yourself how you could have handled things differently.

  • Get outdoors. Take a walk to get some fresh air, enjoy your surroundings and reset your frame of mind.

Being proactive when we feel out of balance can help us reset our perspective and regain our emotional balance. To learn more about how Possibilities Seminars can help you live a more balanced life, visit